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Central Pa. makes mad dash for storm supplies

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The calm before the storm was anything but calm Saturday as parking lots crammed, shelves emptied, and shoppers were even giving each other tips on where to look for supplies that were sold out.

"There were 30 generators and 50 people in line," said one shopper as she was loading water bottles into her car.

Home Depot employees in Mechanicsburg were working double-time to keep their propane tanks stocked, and patrons pushed the limits on how much they could bring home.

"I was a little worried about losing power, so I got firewood for the fireplace," said Lisa Miner.

With Hurricane Sandy set to sweep into central Pennsylvania on Monday, it makes sense that Sandy Eltringham is getting a little extra attention.

"A friend of mine said he will think of me all weekend," she said.

Water bottles, generators, and sump pumps are on a constant rotation from shelf to cart, but for some who got the necessities early, it's off to the liquor store for a different kind of stocking up.

"As long as you have all the things you need," said Donald Prescott. "I don't care if I don't have lights. I'll get a little flashlight, some libations, I'll be happy."

If you feel like you can't find some of the supplies you need, there's a reason for that. abc27 was told that some suppliers are holding back on some of the necessities until they pinpoint exactly where the storm will hit.

At that point, they will allocate the rest of their resources to places that need them most.

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