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Tree trimmers keep busy after Hurricane Sandy

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Professional tree trimmers are keeping very busy after the October Superstorm.

Sandy really left her mark across the midstate. In one Susquehanna Township neighborhood the storm pulled a huge tree right out of the ground and onto a man's yard. Fortunately, it didn't land on his house. But his neighbor wasn't so lucky.

"I went into our bedroom, opened the curtains and there was a tree," said Rachel Jerry.

Jerry and her husband were sitting on the couch Monday night when they heard a loud crash. To make matters worse, the electricity had just been knocked out.

"[It] was disconcerting to walk around and look in the ceiling with a flashlight looking for holes and pieces of trees sticking in," Jerry said.

Todd Stoner and his crew make a living out of not only finding those pieces of trees but getting rid of them. His company has been taking lots of calls, and he's doing his best to get to them all.

"We [have to] take it as it comes," Stoner said, "We try to accommodate as we can."

Chainsaws and chippers have been shredding all day,but do these guys really love it when storms roll through?

"I wouldn't say I enjoy it," Stoner said, "I certainly appreciate the work Mother Nature brings me."

From the looks of things, it seems Mother Nature will be bringing Stoner and other tree trimmers lots of work in the days ahead.

As for Jerry, the tree caused some damage to the bedroom ceiling. She's grateful and says it could have been a whole lot worse. But, she is now considering getting rid of the other trees close to her home so she doesn't have to go through this again.

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