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Sheetz gas stations running on empty

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From Chambersburg to Shippensburg, Newville to Carlisle, Sheetz customers have been coming up empty at the pumps.

Some stations are completely out of gasoline, while others have only premium.

According to a Sheetz spokesperson, the shortage is a trickle down effect of Hurricane Sandy.  Sheetz gets fuel from a refinery in New Jersey that was shut down for several days when the storm hit.

Even though the refinery is operating again, there has been a backlog on the pipeline that brings the fuel to Pennsylvania. Other retailers use the same pipeline, but Sheetz ran out first because of the volume its customers consume.

Sheetz spokeswoman Monica Jones said they have known this could be a problem since Hurricane Sandy hit. She said crews have been diligently scrambling to try to find fuel from other supply lines in the meantime.

Jones added that the company does not have a definite timeline for when Sheetz stations will get fuel supplies delivered. However, she said Monday that stations in Mount Joy and Carlisle were back to normal.

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