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Harrisburg mayor voices support for new landlord rules

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Last week Harrisburg City Council voted to pass an ordinance that cracks down on disruptive property owners and renters. On Monday, Mayor Linda Thompson voiced her support for the new rules.

"Slum landlords are a menace to this city," Thompson shouted during a press conference inside the Harrisburg City Government Center. Backed up by City Council member Eugenia Smith, Thompson spoke in length about the need for such restrictions.

"I'm not going to have my cops run around doing a landlords job," said Thompson. "A cop is not responsible for that, a landlord is."

Ordinance Bill No. 12 requires landlords within city limits to comply with a code of conduct and enforce such policy on lease agreements with tenants. Failure to do so would result in penalties or fines.

Since council voted to pass the ordinance last week, Thompson said she has received several calls about people worried about getting in trouble. Thompson said some were concerned their lifestyles would be hindered by this ordinance, which monitors noise levels.

"I'm invited to parties. I eat hot dogs," Thompson joked. She said the press conference was to clarify those law-abiding renters and property owners not need worry about being penalized. "This is not for you," she said.

Thompson vowed to erect a public 'Hall of Shame' for violators. She promised to use photos of "millionaire landlords who live outside the city."

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