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Enola man receiving national attention for chemical documentary

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Ed Brown lives in Enola with his wife and two kids. Now, the father, filmmaker and advocate is getting national attention for a documentary he spent two years making

"Most  people today are affected in a big way by chemicals, and they do not really know it," said Ed Brown.

The documentary, titled Unacceptable Levels, focuses on the thousands of chemicals that surround us everyday and are already in our bodies.

"We live in a chemical society is what is comes down to, it is the backbone of our entire economy," said Brown.

The documentary talks about the chemicals in our water, synthetic vitamins and minerals in our food and even the "toxic" sewage dumped on farm fields as fertilizer. Brown interviewed over 80 experts for the documentary and says what he uncovered is shocking.

"You feel overwhelmed when your done watching the documentary, absolutely, and ... you should," said Brown.

The experts Brown interviewed say the chemicals around us are causing cancer, autism and other chronic illnesses.

"Thats the tip of the iceberg that I was able to provide in a 76-minute  film. This is a lot bigger than just that," said Brown. "It is critical that people really watch this film and learn more about it, and then start asking questions themselves, so they can go forward in their lives in making a difference."

Brown was recently featured on the cover of the Huffington Post Magazine. He will start a 100 city tour promoting his documentary this summer.

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