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Derry Township hotel guests victim of phone scam

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Some guests at a Derry Township hotel this weekend were the victim of a phone scam in which they were told the hotel lost their information during a power outage.

Derry Township Police said guests received a call from a man who said the reservation system had lost all stored information. He identified himself as a staff member and requested guests' personal and credit card information.

Police are reminding travelers to be aware of scams such as this during the holiday season.  Never provide personal or financial information to an unsolicited phone caller and, if you receive a call while staying in a hotel, walk to the front desk and make personal contact before releasing any information.

Police did not say how many fell prey to the scam in Derry Township this weekend but did say the caller successfully obtained information from guests. The scam was discovered when a suspicious guest contacted the front desk. Police are now investigating the incident.

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