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Police warn of rash of brazen burglaries in Columbia

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Roy Kirchner has lived on the same Columbia block for 43 years. 

"It's a good neighborhood," he said, "We look out for each other." 

Kirchner's faith in Plane Street hasn't faded, despite it being hit twice in the past week.  Homes on the street were struck twice in a recent string of burglaries since last Friday.  The total number of homes struck in the borough is now up to six.

Police say the burglars, responsible for stealing cash, firearms and electronics, are armed and dangerous. Police are urging all residents to keep valuables out of sight and make sure doors and windows are locked.

"It's just as simple as looking in a window and seeing a purse lying on the table, they'll scamper in and grab what they were looking for and get back out," said Columbia Police Sgt. Adam S. Miller.  He added that many of the intrusions took place in the early evening when the residents were home.

According to police, suspects entered in through unlocked windows and doors.

Chestnut, Fourth, Sixth, and Ninth Streets have been hit as well.

All the more reason for resident Jason Moore to keep his own home well protected.  

"I make sure all my doors and windows are locked up and have key locks on all of my guns and even have a gun safe for my rifles," he said.  

A wise idea, according to police, who said that some firearms were taken in the recent break-ins.
The burglaries are believed to be connected and could involve a group of people. 

"Turn your outdoor lights on, install a motion light, keep your doors locked," Miller said. "The most important thing in your home is your family." 

He warns that residents should not try to confront the burglars. 

"Retreat to safety and call the police immediately ... The suspects are very brazen in their actions, and are to be considered armed and dangerous," police wrote in a press release.

Miller's message to be vigilant is a message for all this holiday season, when police say crimes like this, become more prevalent.

But Kirchner's confidence in his neighborhood remains intact. 

"Keep an eye on my place. If you're going away, I'll keep my eye on yours. That's all there is to it," he said. 

While some residents were home at the time of the burglaries, none of them came into contact with the suspects. 

Anyone with information about the crimes is asked to contact Columbia Borough Police at 717-684 -7735.  


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