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Christmas trees stand tall in Sandy's wake

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Although the weather seemed more like spring, it was still a good day to get into the Christmas spirit.

For Gerrit Strathmeyer, owner of Strathmeyer Christmas trees, it was a good day for a business that often benefits more from ideal shopping weather than ideal growing weather.

Since Thanksgiving fell a few days early in the month this year, Christmas tree sales are expected to receive a major boost.

"It gives people a longer chance to actually come out and pick the trees and a better chance for good weather," said Julie Flinchbaugh, of Flinchbaugh Farm and Orchard.

Christmas trees are not a seasonal crop. It takes between eight to twelve years for the crops to go from seed to tree. Because of the long growing cycle, the trees were immune to the effects of super storm Sandy.

"Once we get through the springtime and the plant has been able to establish itself, it can pretty much withstand anything mother nature is going to throw at it," said Strathmeyer.

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