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Dauphin County

Camp Hebron looking for help in building new barn

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For decades, Camp Hebron has provided confidence boosting activities in northern Dauphin County. The volunteer-supported camp tucked away in the mountains near Halifax offers programs from summer camps to riding lessons to the community.

But now, this uplifting place needs a lift. Volunteers are hoping to build an indoor riding arena so that they can ride in all types of weather. They also need a new barn for the horses.

The barn they have now is old and needs a lot of repair work, too much to put money into, so they'd rather build a new one. It's going to cost around $200,000 to $300,000, so they are hoping for help.

"We also don't have a place for when the children come if they're not dressed appropriately," Susan Berger said. "They have no place they can go in and get warm, and so it makes it a little uncomfortable for them, or if it's raining then obviously we get very wet."

If you would like to donate, call 896-3441 or visit www.camphebron.org.

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