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Advocate: Harrisburg residents need to be aware of recent assaults

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Harrisburg police continue to look for two men who abducted and assaulted a teenage girl on Tuesday; a case that is just one of several frightening incidents in the city this week.

Police said a woman was sexually assaulted Sunday by two men at Reservoir Park. Two days later and not far away, in the 1800 block of Chestnut Street, a 14 year-old girl reported that she was abducted by two men and sexually assaulted in the back of an SUV.

According to investigators, the teenage victim had been walking in broad daylight to a relative's home when she was attacked.

Victims' rights advocate Jennifer Storm said community members need to be aware of these incidents because no arrests have been made.

"You should be able to walk down your street at three, four o'clock," Storm said. "If you're walking to your uncle's or aunt's or grandparent's house, you should be able to do that at four o'clock in the afternoon without the threat of this kind of violence."

Mayor Linda Thompson and other officials have scheduled a news conference for Friday morning to discuss the recent assaults.

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