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Cumberland County

Local woman creates memorial to Sandy Hook shooting victims

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A Cumberland County woman had a vision of how to memorialize the 20 innocent children who were killed last week in a deadly school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and now that vision is close to becoming a reality.

"I had been in tears all weekend," said Corinne Trively, a mother of three from Mechanicsburg. "I literally had a vision of a memorial for 20 innocent children standing in a field."

So with the help of a carpenter, she created 20 silhouettes; 12 girls and eight boys.

When the Carpenter's Sons construction company heard about Trively's idea to assemble the figures and have them standing in the lawn of a church off Orrs Bridge Road, they immediately offered up their services free of charge.

"It really struck our hearts that this is something we need to help with," co-owner Dan Miller said.

There are no faces on the memorial. Trively said there doesn't need to be. She believes we know who they were, but not what they would have become.

"Let's just remember to keep these kids and their families in our hearts and minds and not forget about them because we'll move past this. We'll keep going, life will resume, but that's not going to happen in Newtown," Trively said.

Trively said the memorial is not only intended to serve as a reminder, but a resource as well for those in the Midstate who may need a place to visit or grieve.

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