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Senator: $60M Penn State fine should stay in Pa.

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A state lawmaker says it only makes sense that the $60 million Penn State has been ordered to pay toward child sex abuse programs stays in Pennsylvania, and he's proposing a law that would keep it here.

"[Under the law] any higher education institution that gets public dollars from the state, that are subject to a fine by governing bodies, would have to spend that money in Pa. for the betterment of Pennsylvanians," said Senator Jake Corman (R-34th District).

After former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing ten boys, the NCAA sentenced the university to pay $60 million toward child sex abuse programs.

Though the fine has already been imposed, Corman has also filed an injunction to make sure the money from this fine stays in state.

"We filed an injunction to make sure that money isn't dispersed until this legislation can be addressed and we can have clarity on where this money should go."

The NCAA promised that at least 25 percent of the fine will help Pennsylvanian child sex abuse victims, but Corman said it should be 100 percent.

"To tell Pennsylvanians that the money we're going to raise here in Pa. is going go to some program in California, I think is unfair and doesn't make any sense," said Corman.

The NCAA argues that child sex abuse is a nationwide problem. Corman doesn't disagree, but thinks keeping the money in the state will have the biggest impact.

"Well, if you appropriate that couple million a year nationally, you're not exactly going to have a really big impact," said Corman. "If they think it's a national problem, show Pa. as a model. Allow these dollars to be more concentrated in one area so we can have a more significant impact."

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