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Patriot-News to trim publishing days, customers respond

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Whether it hits your doorstep every morning or you purchase it on the street, reading the Patriot-News as a regular routine will soon change.

When the strawberry drops in Harrisburg, so will circulation for the city's largest newspaper. Starting January 1, the Patriot-News will only deliver papers on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Everyday, Jeffery Jacox walks to N. Second Street to catch the bus. And, in the past, he's purchased a copy of the Patriot-News to read while riding the bus. Coming soon, Jacox says he'll be out of luck four days a week. 

"What, I gotta use my cell phone now?" Jacox asked. "I think it's wrong, I think they should keep it to seven days a week."

Jacox doesn't like the change, but when the Patriot-News and PennLive.com formed PA Media Group earlier this year, the company decided the primary focus would be on a digital platform. Editor Cate Barron perviousl told abc27 News that the move was to stay ahead of a changing industry.

For a new tech-savvy generation hungry for instant satisfaction with information, Benjamin Hallowell agrees the move is smart.

"Getting your news from online places, you have a bigger selection with different opinions on stuff. I think it's cool," said Hallowell.

Harrisburg-area residents have adapted once before. In 1996, the Evening News merged with the morning Patriot to form The Patriot-News. Many remember grumbling of disgust then.

"I think it's a hassle for me," Jacox said. "I'd rather just pay the money they want and have the newspaper in my hand."

In full disclosure, abc27 partnered with The Sentinel shortly after the announcement of the Patriot-News changes. The Sentinel has since expanded locations to where their daily paper is sold -- 30 on the west shore and 40 in Dauphin County.

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