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Fitness trainer inspires others to shed pounds

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Jami Shields knows what it takes to stick to a goal. She trains hard to stay in shape, competes in fitness competitions, and has placed in several across the nation.

But Jami wasn't always in shape.

"I gained 70 pounds with my son and 30 pounds with my daughter," she said.

Jami buckled down and decided to change her life. She was a mom of two, an elementary school teacher, was going to school for her master's degree, and her husband was serving overseas in Iraq, but she still managed to lose the weight.

Sometimes that meant going to the gym at 5 a.m. People started to notice Jami's transformation and started asking her how she was doing it.

"It just kind of got my brain going because I was spending all this time helping people and changing their lives, and I was like, 'maybe I should get certified,' " she said.

Now the former elementary school teacher is a certified trainer, and inspiring others to make a change.

"Just to see women, who have had children especially, get that confidence back to feel sexy to feel pretty, it's rewarding," she said.

Fitness has become a family affair. Jami and husband Rob opened a gym together in Carlisle. She says the first step to making a change in your life is committing to the goal.

"Just stick to it," she said. "Go public. Share it with your friends and family and do it."

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