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Turnpike tolls increase, E-ZPass users save

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Drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike may have noticed an increase in tolls. They went up 10% for cash-paying customers. But Midstaters can save some money with an E-ZPass.

For example, if a driver gets onto the Turnpike at the Harrisburg East tollbooth, and gets off the at the Philadelphia exit, it will cost $11.25 for cash paying customers. E-ZPass customers will only pay $8.79. That is a savings of $2.46.

Turnpike officials said there are other benefits too.

"It's faster and more convenient. You don't have to fumble with tickets or change. It's non-stop, meaning it'll get you to your destination faster," said Carl DeFebo of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

E-ZPass can also be used on toll roads in 14 other states.

Several Midstate stores sell E-ZPass transponders, including Wegman's, Karns and Walmart.

For more information on E-ZPass, visit http://www.paturnpike.com/ezpass/ezpassINTRO.htm.

Tolls did go up, slightly, for E-ZPass users, but only by two percent.

DeFebo said the E-ZPass savings is an incentive to use it. That is because E-ZPasses are much more cost-effective than tickets and cash.

According to DeFebo, the Turnpike Commission has plans to transition to a completely cash less system within the next five years. The reason tolls went up for both payment methods is because the Turnpike Commission needs more money to re-vamp the highway.

DeFebo also said some parts of the highway are 70 years old and need to be re-done from scratch.

Turnpike officials said they realize the toll hike is a pain, but said it will pay off down the road.

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