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Harrisburg to settle lawsuit filed by ex-school superintendent

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Harrisburg taxpayers are about to pay off their former school superintendent and his chief deputies.

abc27 News has learned that a settlement is about to be reached with Dr. Gerald Kohn and two assistants for $2.3 million.

It's unclear tonight exactly who's getting what, but we know the district's insurance company will pay $2 million while taxpayers will chip in $125,000.

As part of the deal, lawsuits against Mayor Linda Thompson and her appointed board of control members have been dropped.

"It's a travesty," Thompson said Monday. "The school district's track record under his leadership, and the Department of Education has data after data that proves he has failed at his leadership and that the city shouldn't had to give him a dime, but such was the case. He won on a technicality and I'm glad it's all behind us."

It appears Kohn and his deputies were entitled to a hearing after they were fired and they didn't get it, forcing the district to accept the settlement deal.

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