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Pa. lawmaker wants teachers to carry guns

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If Pennsylvania Representative Greg Lucas has his way, teachers would be allowed to carry guns on school property.

Lucas said he plans to introduce a bill, called "School Personnel Right to Carry Act," that would allow teachers, administrators, and other school personal to carry a firearm.

Staffers would have to go through background checks and firearms training, including some of the same training law enforcement officers undergo.

Lucas (R-Erie/Crawford) is a former teacher and said he wanted to do something to make Pennsylvania schools safer. The firearms instructor called schools without armed personal vulnerable.

"I think they are basically sitting ducks," Lucas said.

It's something he would like to see passed by June. So far, the bill has several co-sponsors.

The way Lucas envisions it, highly-trained teachers would be allowed to carry guns that would be locked in safes. Those safes, Lucas said, would open only with the owner's fingerprint.

Lucas said he supports having armed officers in schools, but believes that would be too expensive.

Currently, firearms are prohibited on school property.

The two page draft of the bill can be viewed at http://www.replucas.com/.

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