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Payroll tax hike starting to impact wallets

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The two percent increase in the payroll tax took effect at the beginning of the year and many people have already noticed its impact on their take-home pay.

Many midstaters said they have noticed the lighter paychecks. A lot of people have yet to receive their first check this year, but were already predicting they would have to cut back on something.

"I would probably have to turn my thermostat back, cut back on the heat and food," said Betty Humphrey of Susquehanna Township. "Couple of bucks a month still adds up."

"Definitely going places," said Danielle Gumby of Harrisburg, of where she might trim. "With gas prices being so high...I think it went up 10 cents within the last week."

"I probably would have to cut back on food, even though I have two children," said Angela John of Susquehanna Township. "It's hard but I would have to cut back on food."

Robert Ward of Harrisburg is upset that the government has to resort to this to put the money into social security.

"Over the years the government has taken money and borrowed from this, and this money was never placed back," he said. "So now the burden is placed on the people to take care of a bill that the government made without us knowing about."

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