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Mother of stillborn vows to help her son make an impact

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

It's often called "the greatest loss," and at just 22 years old Megan Schratwieser knows it well.

"As soon as we found out that I was pregnant I loved him. I didn't know what it was, a boy or girl, but I loved him," she said.

That love is still there along with an empty space in her heart and in a crib she and her husband haven't been able to put away.

In September her son Grayson was stillborn at 33 weeks.

After nine devastating hours of labor, the hospital provided her with a box to put various items in, but Megan knew it wasn't big enough for the memories she wanted to keep.

That's when she came up with an idea, and titled it "Gifts from Grayson."

"I've been able to use the way of making memory boxes not only to distract myself but to make me feel better by the life he did live," she said.

Inside one of the homemade boxes you'll find keepsakes and comfort items.

Megan now works with York Hospital, distributing them to mothers dealing with stillborns, premature births, and miscarriages.

In her own memory box there are pictures, notes, and clothes.

While speaking with abc27 she flipped through a book of photos taken at the hospital.

"Some people seem a little off put by them, but I love them," said Megan, "That's all I have of him."

Grayson wasn't here for long but Megan is confident that through this project his impact will be a weighty one.

Even at just four pounds, 13 ounces.

To find out more about Gifts from Grayson check out Megan's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GiftsFromGrayson) or her blog (http://giftsfromgrayson.blogspot.com/p/other-page-testtesttest.html).

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