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State lawmaker to introduce pot legalization bill

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Pennsylvania residents could be able to smoke and possess marijuana if State Senator Daylin Leach's legislation is passed.

The Democrat representing parts of Montgomery and Delaware Counties plans to introduce a bill that, if passed, would legalize pot.

If Leach had his way marijuana would basically be regulated by the state, much like alcohol. For example, marijuana would only be legal for those over 21 and you could not drive under the influence.

Under Leach's plan, marijuana would also be taxed.

He calls the current law a "horrific policy that must end."

Leach spoke during a Harrisburg Hope Forum at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg. 

"We are treating people as criminals for doing something that is less dangerous than beer, less risky than children's cough syrup and less addictive than chocolate," Leach argued.

In a previous legislative session Leach sponsored a medical marijuana bill that died in committee.

He plans to introduce this current piece of legislation sometime next week. It has only two co-sponsors.

Governor Tom Corbett opposes marijuana legalization.

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