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Aging Secretary: Pa. Lottery contract will raise additional $50-60 million

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State law requires Camelot Global Service to continue with current policy and contribute at least 27 cents per dollar to programs for older Pennsylvanians if they take over the state's lottery, said Secretary of Aging Brian Duke.

"However, we expect them to exceed that, estimating  they will raise an additional 50 to 60 million dollars a year," said Duke.

According the Pennsylvania Lottery, since 1972, more than $22 billion have gone to fund programs for seniors such as rent rebates, free and reduced-fare transit, low-cost prescription drug programs and long-term living services.

"The additional revenue would go to home and community based services where we can help the most Pennsylvanians," said Duke. "Our mission is to focus on  prevention, how we distribute the dollars for those on a waiting list for state-funded in home services, how we help with home-delivered meals,  and how we help protective services and our area agencies on aging. Those will be the four areas we would budget out accordingly."

The Department of Aging says needs -- and the number of seniors -- continue to grow and they will be holding Camelot Global Services to a certain level of performance.

"The Department of Aging and the lottery fund will be assured of what those levels will be and those levels will be over a billion dollars more over the next 10 years than exists today and that is what the governor's main focus is. That is why this began: so the funding is there for older Pennsylvanians," said Secretary of Revenue Dan Meuser.

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