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One month after Newtown, Midstate Mayors 'Demand a Plan'

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Lancaster Mayor Richard Gray joined Mayor Vaughn Spencer of Reading to explain why they, and over 800 more who share their same title, are standing together and 'Demanding a Plan.' 

"We lower the flags, we say a prayer, we pray for the kids, the victims, and then a month later the flags are raised, and the prayers have stopped," said Gray. 

He doesn't want the prayers to end, but gun violence: he wants that gone. 

"We're not just demanding a plan from Congress, we are demanding a plan from the president of the united states," he added. 

The plan that Gray, along with fellow 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund' members, demand through the ad is three-tiered. 

First, they want to require gun buyers in Pennsylvania to have to pass thorough background checks. 

Second, they want military-style assault weapons taken off the street.

And third, they want to see federal regulation that will crack down on gun trafficking between states. 

Mayor Vaughn Spencer of Reading traveled to Lancaster to show his solidarity toward the cause.

200 mayors in the Commonwealth alone have pledged to demand the plan. 

"No ones saying that we are taking away Second Amendment rights, but is an assault style weapon with multiple bullet magazine, is this what the founding fathers had in mind?" asked Spencer at Monday's press conference. 
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