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Kane makes Pa. history as first woman, first Democrat elected AG

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History. Kathleen Kane's inauguration as Attorney General made a few firsts on Tuesday. However, Kane was already focused on Wednesday.

With her hand on the bible Kathleen Kane was sworn in as Attorney General. Kane became the first female ever elected and the first Democrat elected to Attorney General since 1980 when an election decided the position. Both outgoing Attorney General Linda Kelly and Anne Alpern were appointed.

Hundreds packed the Capitol Rotunda to witness the historic moment. Kane stood by her husband, Chris, and her two sons. Although her white suit matched her "cloud nine" floating feeling, Kane said she would be grounded ready to go starting "day two." 

Perhaps her vow to investigate why it took two-and-a-half years to prosecute and charge Jerry Sandusky won Kane the election over Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed. But Kane is not waiting.

Kane will name Adrian King to be the Attorney General's First Deputy. King will lead the probe into prosecutors. Kane said King was a friend from Temple University Law School and the Philadelphia area attorney is "right for the job."

Now that a Democrat is in the AG's office, some feel heads will roll. But Kane said her goal is and always will be to search for answers Pennsylvanians desperately desire.

"Our goal is to make sure we can move forward and we can better protect the children of Pennsylvania," said Kane. "That's our goal. It is not to embarrass anyone; it's not to make anyone feel bad. It's to move our state forward."

Kane's look-a-like sister even faked out the crowd inside the rotunda. Ellen Goffer walked into the room she was met by a round of applause, until she took her position on the rotunda steps. Goffer is already in the Attorney General's office as a prosecutor.

When asked if her sister had any hand in giving Kane direction or information Kane responded, "My sister is extremely non political. She's an asset for money laundering."

Speaking of money, the elephant inside the room (no pun intended) is Governor Tom Corbett's gamble with the Camelot Group. On Friday, Corbett made an attentive deal with the British company to manage the $3.5 billion Pennsylvania Lottery. Kane said she was not privy to the deal beforehand and has not taken a look at the deal.

"As soon as it is signed and given to us we have 30 days to review it for form and legality," said Kane.

More than a year ago those in Lackawana County only knew the name Kathleen Kane. Now, Kane has risen to ‘top cop' in Pennsylvania. The former Lackawana County District Attorney received the most votes in any election throughout the Commonwealth.

Her quick rise has stunned even her fellow Democrats, including master of ceremonies Dan McCaffery who ran against Kane and said "she could take the hill and remain on high ground."

While Kane does feel she is a role model for women, she still looks at the historical context as, it doesn't mean anything unless I do my job.

"History is made today but tomorrow we're all about substance," said Kane. "And the next four years we're all about substance we're about making streets safer."

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