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How effective is the flu shot?

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Did you get your flu shot? Did you still get the flu? If that's the case, you're not alone.

While the vaccine may be our best bet at combating the flu, its not a 100 percent guarantee. Doctors said it's more like a 60 percent guarantee.

"There is nothing we do in medicine and life that's 100 percent effective. What we do know is that it is highly effective," Dr. Joseph Cincotta with Pinnacle Health's Shepherdstown Family Practice said.

After all, according to doctors, everyone's body is different. But it takes about 10 days until your immune system reaps the benefits.

Health officials said the vaccine is a match to that H3N2 flu that is basically taking the state by storm. And the vaccines are still in supply, state health officials said, though some reports indicate they are getting a little tougher to find in some parts of the midstate.

The flu shot cannot give you the flu, according to the CDC.

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