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Corbett foes lining up from left and right

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Tom Corbett's approval numbers hover around 37 percent. That his numbers are down have Democrats fired up. No surprise there.

"I think definitely he should be a one-term governor," said Rep. Mike Sturla (D-Lancaster).

There are a lot of state Democrats who think Corbett will be a one-termer. They think most Pennsylvanians will join them in blaming the governor for cuts to education, failing to properly tax Marcellus Shale, and the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Then there are controversial topics he waded into like voter ID, privatizing liquor stores, the Pennsylvania Lottery, and his inability to deal with transportation and the looming pension crisis.

John Hanger's already running against Corbett in 2014. Treasurer Rob McCcord's a likely opponent. So is former Pa. Congressman Joe Sestak.

There are many others Democrats mulling a run for governor. And so is Bruce Castor.

"The governor's prestige and popularity has taken a big hit," Castor told me while looking for allies at the Capitol on Monday.

But Castor is no Democrat. He is a Montgomery County commissioner and a self-described conservative Republican. He says he's won't sit around while his party surrenders the Governor's Mansion in 2014.

"If things turn around, I'm not gonna run for governor just to make a splash," Castor said. "But if they don't, I think we need to make sure we don't go down Santorum Road and follow him (Corbett) off the cliff."

So for the governor,  there are sharks to the left, piranha to the right.

"They smell blood in the water," said Keegan Gibson, managing editor of Politics PA. "Some conservative Republicans think he hasn't been aggressive enough, like cracking down on unions and fighting teacher's unions, and privatizing liquor stores, etc., etc. They think he hasn't gone far enough."

In a recent sit-down interview with me, Corbett insisted he's not worried.

"If people don't want me there, they don't want me there," he said. "But if people go back and look at what did he promise and what did he deliver, I feel pretty good."

Corbett spokesman Kevin Harley dismisses a Republican challenge from Castor, calling it sour grapes on Castor's part.

"Is that the same Bruce Castor that Corbett beat like a drum in the attorney general primary in 2004?" he said.

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