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Attendance suffers as schools fight of the flu

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This cold and flu season, there's a good chance your child could be coming home with more than just homework. 

"When there are droplets in the air, they will generally infect someone within three to four feet," said Pinnacle Health's, Dr. John Goldman.  

Classroom desks, well, those sit about two feet away from each other. 

"One of the reasons this season is so bad is because there is also a GI bug going around," he added. 

All of the above make for a none-too-pleasant sick day.

That's why we put in calls to many of our local school districts and found a few who feel they may be dodging a direct flu hit. 

The West Shore and North Eastern York School Districts, along with Bishop McDevitt, told abc27 that their attendance rates are at 90%, which is normal for this time of year. 

They are the lucky ones.

Almost all of the other midstate districts we spoke with, like Northern York County, are seeing an increase in the number of students and faculty forced to call out. 

"We are doing a lot to inform students on how to prevent the flu. We have posters all over the place, and we're doing a lot about talking about hygiene," said Northern York County Schools Superintendent Dr. Eric Eshbach. 

Hygiene: it's an easy tool, and exactly what Dr. Goldman prescribes. 

"Get a small bottle of hand sanitizer," he said, "Send them to school with it, and say every ten or 15 minutes, simply wash their hands." 

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