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New electronics recycling law to begin next week

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Beginning January 24, a new law will go into effect that bans electronics from landfills. That means if you try to throw out your old TV or computer, the garbage haulers will not take them.

Instead, you will have to bring your gadgets and gizmos to a recycling center, like one already operating in Lebanon County.

The new law bans electronics from landfills because the soil and water could become filled with toxins.

"The CRT glass that's in the TV's, there's lead in the tubes, especially in the older TV's," said Amy Mazzella-Dibosco, Lebanon County's recycling coordinator.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, each TV can contain more than seven pounds of lead.

"Those aren't things you want getting into your water supply," Mazzella-Dibosco said. "They are hazardous, so it's best that they're handled properly."

The Lebanon County electronic recycling facility has been open for one year in anticipation of the new law.

"We have been taking in about 20,000 pounds a week," Mazzella-Dibosco said. "Last year, we collected 380 tons of electronics, and that's prior to the ban."

Lebanon County residents and small business owners can drop off their electronics at the facility. From there, the electronics are sent away to be safely recycled.

If someone is caught illegally dumping electronics waste, they could face a fine of up to $1,000.

For more information about e-cycling in Lebanon County, visit http://www.goglra.org/

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