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Family once inspired by Lance Armstrong, now feels cheated

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If you asked 11-year-old Lee Kettering he'd tell you that he just doesn't like cheaters. But he did like Lance Armstrong.

But the reason Armstrong reached hero status to Kettering and his 10-year-old brother Hudson wasn't about the bike. It was simply because the now-disgraced cyclist fought cancer, just like them.

The two brothers from Manheim Township, Lancaster County both suffer from a rare genetic disease called neurofibromatosis type 1 or N.F.

The disease can produce cancer and affect skeletal structure. Lee Kettering has worn a leg brace nearly his whole life.

So playing sports was out of the question, until Lee presented a pretty convincing argument to his mom last year.

"He has never in 10 years been able to play a sport, he wants to play baseball and Lee goes, 'Yeah, if Lance can do it why can't I?,'" their mother Jennifer Kettering said.

The family was excited when they met Armstrong several years ago at a Livestrong event outside Philadelphia. But if you asked them how the feel about the cyclist now, it's a different story.

"The point that he looked at my kids, and lied, like how can you look at their faces and lie?" Jennifer said.

And if you asked both the boys, they would give you a straight answer.

"I don't like people who cheat," Lee said.

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