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Bears read for Outdoor Classic

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Sunday's AHL Outdoor Classic between Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins and the Hershey Bears will be seen live on abc27 HD at 5pm.  Sports Director Gregg Mace will be joined by the voice of the Hershey Bears Scott Stuccio for the play by play of the game.  A crowd of 17,000 is expected for the 5:05pm faceoff.

The Bears got their first practice on the Hersheypark Stadium rink Saturday morning.  Coach Mark French says his team must "keep it simple" because of the ever changing ice conditions.

Saturday afternoon the Penguins alumni defeated the Bears alumni 9-5, in a game before a full house at the stadium.  Many Hershey Bears legends returned for the game, including Mike McHugh.     "This is very difficult to describe. It was fun playing again. It was fun seeing all these guys that I haven't seen for a while. This enviroment is amazing. It was beautiful out. The ice was good I can't tell the fans enough how much we appreciate the turnout, It was a good competitve game but we would have liked to have come out on the winning end ." said McHugh


Other player quotes from the alumni game

Mitch Lamoureux

The emotions came over us when we couldn't catch our breath. Freddie shut the door for us in the second half. They were just a little younger than us and a little quicker than us but hey it was great. We've got five or six generations of Hershey Bears on the ice and like Don Biggs said, I don't have the touch anymore

Mark Lofthouse
It's great to get the call. My hats off to Hershey. I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Hockey never ends. I'm just trying to hang in their as long as I can. I could not believe the amount of people here,. I flew out from Vancouver to be here and I'd do it again in a heartbeat/
Gary Inness played as a position player not a goaltender.
They told me I was the oldest guy out there. Playing as a goaltender is one thing, but those guys are good. If this was at home it would be just easy going. I don't think these two teams like each other much. Both teams played hard and tough.

Dennis Bonvie
This was awesome. I grew up playing on the pond at home. My Mom and Dad built a rink for us. We lived out in the country so I had a couple of outdoor rinks. To get out and play like this is a lot of fun.. Obviously the support in Hershey is tremendous. Both organizations do a tremendous job. There's always going to be pride. But Wilkes-Barre hasn't been around that long so we had some young guys.

Louie Robitaille
This is the best place to play hockey. To see this kind of a crowd to come for an alumni game, it's great. The average age in our room was 45-50 and their average age was 30-32. We got a little tired but it was fun

Freddie Cassivi
It's such a great day. For us it's probably the last time we'll play in front of such a big crowd. We all enjoyed it even though they were a little younger than we were..

Tim Tookey
This was way more than what you think. You get excited to come and you get here with your old teammates, you can't even express how much fun this was I've seen football games in here but I never thought you could put a hockey rink in here and then you step on the ice and it's full. The ice was great. Everything is beautiful


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