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The 'link' to losing weight

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Losing weight is a top New Year's resolution. If you are constantly struggling with the scale, something new might be able to give you that extra push to win the battle of the bulge.

Herb and Kathy Weigl of Carlisle dropped 150 pounds together, but they have 70 more to go and believe a tiny new device will help them reach their goal.

"It's making me conscious of how inactive I am," Herb Weigl said. "I am trying to be more active."

ActiveLink is part of Weight Watchers' new program to promote a healthy lifestyle. That's a combo of eating right and being more active.

"Just taking 5 to 10 minutes an hour to get up and move and walk around, ActiveLink is gonna register that and encourage you to get in activity through the whole day," said Christy Profitt of Weight Watchers.

Dea Baron of Harrisburg lost a whooping 95 pounds but then hit a plateau. After she started using ActiveLink, Dea dropped five more pounds.

"I told my friends they've taken a confirmed couch potato and made me into a quasi athlete," said Baron.

ActiveLink looks just like a jump drive for your computer. Baron wears it somewhere on her body and it registers all of her activity for the day. After plugging it into the computer, Dea can see if she needs to be more active to lose weight. She wants to shed 20 more pounds and knows she can do it.

"I just want to hit 100 percent. I want to make it happen and this is one way I know I'm going to," said Baron.

ActiveLink is part of the Weight Watchers program. The device costs $40, plus there's a $5 monthly fee to track your progress online.

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