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Gun enthusiasts react to assault weapon ban

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Several vendors have dropped out of the Sports and Outdoor Show at the Farm Show Complex due to a policy placing a ban on assault weapons. Gun enthusiasts are also calling for a boycott of the show.

"It doesn't really surprise me," said Larry Eichleberger.

Eichleberger has been to the Sports and Outdoor show. He has been a gun owner and permit carrier for more than 30 years. He, and many gun owners, say the fallout from the Sandy Hook School shooting is aimed at the wrong people.

"It doesn't matter how many laws we have out there," said Eichleberger. "If you are a criminal  you have no respect for the law."

President Obama is asking for a federal ban on assault weapons and a ban on magazines that carry more than 10 rounds.

"Anybody who is familiar with firearms, who is good with them or experienced with them, could change a clip in no time flat," said Eichleberger.

Scott Petrasic with Staudt's gun shop put it to the test. He fired 30 shots using two 15 round magazines and 30 shots using three 10 round magazines.

"There was only a two to four second difference," said Petrasic. "Why are you going to restrict someone who doesn't commit these acts? Because the person that is going to do them is not going to care about the law anyway."

Eichleberger and Petrasic say instead of new laws, more focus needs to be placed on mental healthcare and better enforcement of existing laws.

"I do not think a knee jerk reaction like were doing now, let's just throw some laws out there and see if it works, it is not the answer," said Eichleberger.

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