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Flu season prompts worries among employers, employees

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Every employer wants their employees to be healthy, but some need them to be.

Nicole Saia runs the Harrisburg branch of Visiting Angels, an at-home care provider for seniors, the group most vulnerable to the flu.

"We actually encourage it, be out as long as you need to be until you are cleared by your doctor," she said.

That kind of encouragement, though, can be a rarity.

In Pennsylvania, there is no state law requiring employers to provide any kind of paid sick leave.

"An employer could terminate an employee who is legitimately sick under the guidelines of medical examiner and probably do so lawfully," said Solomon Krevsky, a labor attorney with the Clark & Krevsky firm.

For anyone who has fallen ill in the Commonwealth, there is some degree of protection.

The Family and Medical Leave Act is enforced by the federal government. While it may not provide paid sick leave, it does protect your job if you've worked for the company for at least one year.
Here's another hitch though. The FMLA only recognizes sickness considered "serious" and long-term.
The flu, for example, isn't always covered, but it can be if it causes a person to need continued medical monitoring.

For an employer to be covered by FMLA they must have at least 50 employees that work within a 75 mile radius of the workplace.

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