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Fire chief releases investigation results for Wilson Middle School fire

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By Naomi Creason
The Sentinel

A final report from Carlisle Fire & Rescue Chief John Heberlig says that while a Wilson Middle School science teacher had no intention of hurting anyone, what he did during a science experiment Nov. 28 did cause injury to several students.

Heberlig said in his report, which was released this afternoon, that science teacher James Redington attempted to put out a fire in a beaker by pouring Isoprophyl alcohol into the beaker. Instead of smothering the fire, which is what Redington thought it would do, the  Isoprophyl alcohol caused the fire to shoot out of the beaker toward the container he was holding.

The report said Redington threw his arm up to avoid the fire, but the alcohol came out of the container in that motion and went toward the students. The fire followed the alcohol, burning the students who were nearby, according to Heberlig's report.

Heberlig's report is based on information he received from students and Redington, and he discussed what happened in a meeting with Redington, Principal Colleen Friend, solicitor Jim Flower and a representative from the teacher's union for the investigation.

For more, follow this link: http://cumberlink.com/news/local/fire-chief-releases-investigation-results-for-wilson-middle-school-fire/article_4fafad84-659e-11e2-9c5a-001a4bcf887a.html.

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