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New cameras show police officer's point-of-view

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Most have heard of police officers reading Miranda rights, but what about video disclaimer rights?

Officers can now wear cameras on their uniforms because of innovative technology.

The North Cornwall Township Police Department is one of the pioneers in Pennsylvania, second only to the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

North Cornwall police had been looking to purchase dashboard cameras, but came across the uniform cameras, which police said are cheaper.

Video evidence is no longer bound by a dash camera, thanks to officer point-of-view cameras.

They are about the size of a lipstick container, but the small cameras make a big difference.

"We could go back and review footage that in the past would be 'he said, she said' situation," North Cornwall Police Chief Todd Hirsch said. "Now, we can investigate it quickly and efficiently."

Since the camera can easily clip onto a uniform, it can go where the officer goes, even beyond traffic stops.

"It could also be a domestic incident. It could be just about anything and it will catch the truth of the event," Hirsch said.

Police said the cameras will help officers do their job more efficiently and accurately.

"It'll help our cases become rock solid in court," said Hirsch. "It also helps with reports. An officer that might want to refresh their recollection of their report or when they're doing charges can review their own video to see what someone was wearing or where an object was."

Police said the officers' eye view will also help people on both sides of the camera be on their best behavior.

"A certain amount of professionalism from the police that you're guaranteeing when you have it on," said Hirsch. "And also interactions with the public. When you know you're being video and audio taped, your behavior usually improves. We're noticing that as well."

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