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Carlisle tax collector gets trial delayed

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Carlisle's tax collector was to stand trial today. He's accused of selling drugs to an undercover cop.

George Hicks Jr.'s lawyer asked the judge for more time this morning. It was a request that was granted.

Hick's lawyer, Karl Rominger, asked Judge Tom Placey for a continuance around 10:30 this morning.

He told the judge that in speaking with the district attorney's office an evidentiary matter had come up, one that would change his defense.

The judge granted the continuance.

Shortly after the proceeding, Rominger said the case will really depend on how the jury views selling marijuana, something that people often have mixed views on.

"If it's as simple as a jury simply going, 'yes, you transferred a small amount of marijuana so therefore you are guilty,' it's going to be an uphill battle," Rominger said. "On the other hand, if jurors want to stand up and let their legislators know it's time to change the law, maybe we will be okay."

The new trial is set to begin March 18 at the Cumberland County Courthouse.

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