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Columbia dancers could bare it all, not all for it

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From scantily clad to baring it all. That's how a local club wants its dancers to perform. It's an idea locals are taking issue with.

"I don't like strip clubs. Its just...no," said Monica Pyfer. For three years, she lived across the street from Club Good Times in Columbia.

Pyfer says she doesn't judge the women inside, but she didn't like being treated like one of them by patrons outside. 

"They just sit there and stare at you," she said of club-goers.

But attracting more of that clientele is what club management wants. 

"It's very popular because it has little to no competition," said Jeff Helm, Columbia's planning and zoning officer. 

A proposal was submitted to the borough's zoning board to allow dancers to perform without any clothing at all.
It's not something area leaders want but the Union Street site is considered an "Adult use" location, and with that comes leverage.  

"That typically points to scantily clad or nude dancing,"said Helm. 

Both are largely prohibited by current Borough standards, but club good times operated as such before those regulations went into place. That gives them somewhat of a special status

"I have no reason whatsoever to want to go in," said Justin Hirneisen, who currently lives directly across from the club. 

What he lacks in inside perspective he makes up for in outside experience, namely, loud music, street fights, and a lack of parking.

"We've got enough problems as it is," he said. "I cant see this making things any better."

The club's attorney told abc27 that the site's history involves tasteful nude dancing, and that they simply want to preserve that. 

He added that even if the petition for nudity falls through, the club will continue to function as-is. 

The borough and the zoning board want to hear more from residents. They will be holding their second meeting on the issue on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

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