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Pa. lawmaker wants to ban new credit card fees

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A Pennsylvania lawmaker says he's drafting legislation that would prohibit retailers from imposing credit card transaction fees or surcharges on consumers.

Rep. Adam Ravenstahl, D-Allegheny, said his legislation would add Pennsylvania to the 10 other states that prohibit so-called "swipe fees."

As of Sunday, retailers have the right to tack on up to a four percent surcharge to cover their processing costs when shoppers use a credit card.

The fees do not apply to debit cards and stem from a more than $7 billion settlement last summer between retailers and credit cards companies.

"This seven-year court battle ended with consumers once again being the low person on the totem pole," Ravenstahl said. "While many retailers have said they will not impose the checkout fees, I cannot sit still and watch Pennsylvania consumers be forced to dig deeper into their pocketbooks for no good reason."

Ravenstahl said his measure would also allow retailers to offer discounts to consumers who pay with cash, checks or means other than a credit card.

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