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Pa. bill would legalize small betting pools

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A state Senator plans to reintroduce legislation that would legalize small betting pools in Pennsylvania.

Senator Lisa M. Boscola (D-Northampton/Lehigh/Monroe) said that under her bill, betting pools would be legal if the entry amount is $20 or less, there are no more than 100 participants, and there is an established social, professional or familial relationship between the contestants.

All pool proceeds would have to be awarded to the contestants or donated to a bona fide charitable organization.

"These pools are fun, spirited and harmless ways to test one's sports knowledge and luck," Boscola said. "It's ridiculous that our laws brand these harmless and engaging contests as illegal."

Boscola said most people have either played a friendly pool at some point or have friends and relatives who have participated in a pool.

She said her proposal "merely recognizes a harmless commonplace social activity that people enjoy taking part in once or twice a year."

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