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Sen. Casey pushes for equal pay for women

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Senator Bob Casey is renewing a push to ensure women get paid as much as men.

He said, statistics show women only earn 80 cents for every dollar men do and this not only affects women but the children that depend on them.

"In Pennsylvania, when you look at children who are completely dependent on the mother's income, there are some 600,000 children in Pennsylvania in that category," Casey said. "So if that mother, who is in the workforce, is continually discriminated against over time, that's going to have a huge impact on those children."

In Dauphin County there are 18,000 children in single parent homes where the primary breadwinner is a woman. In Lancaster county, there are 18,000 and in Cumberland County 10,000. 

Shamaine Daniels, chair of the Harrisburg Area chapter of the National Organization for Women, says equalizing pay for women is probably the best way to address poverty in America. 

"The poverty rate among female-headed households is twice the rate of the poverty rate among male headed households," she said. "Addressing equal pay concerns for women would be a significant improvement not just for that particular woman as an employee but her household."

Casey is pushing for the passage of legislation that he says would help improve a situation that hasn't gotten any better in the past 50 years.

"We need to take steps like the Fair Pay Act ... where employers are forced to confront this issue and treat women and men fairly in the workplace with regard to pay," he said. 

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