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Sewer project to cost some Hampden Township residents thousands

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A sewer project has worn and torn Trindle Road as well as those who live on it. For months, people have had to deal with construction crews, noise and poor road conditions.

But some Hampden Township residents will also have to pay thousands once all is said and done.

They will have to fork over a $5,700 hook-up fee to connect to a new sewage system.

Township officials said the fee will impact nearly 120 properties.

"Its been so overwhelming," homeowner Brian Gutshall said.

At a Hampden Township Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday night, tempers flared over the matter.

At one point a resident yelled, "That is just wrong! That is wrong! This is America!"

Ultimately, the board did approve a payment plan for the $5,700 tapping fee.

Gutshall and many others in his neighborhood currently have septic tanks.

However, a township ordinance based on state law, says "properties located within 500 feet of a public sewer are required to connect to the sewer systems."

And to make matters worse, they will have to pay out-of-pocket to get their existing and working septic systems, "disconnected, pumped and collapsed or filled with stone," according to a letter sent out by the township.

That could run an additional $1,500.

Notices are set to go out soon. After that, those affected will have 45 days to connect to the new sewer line and deal with their existing septic systems, according to the letter.

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