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Lancaster County

Mother of homicide victim speaks out about abuse of daughter's corpse

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When investigators entered the Gundel Funeral home in Conestoga last week, they said they found four bodies decomposing.

"It's difficult to conceive of anybody treating people like this, particularly in the business of trust," said Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman during a Friday night press conference.

Investigators said many families trusted funeral director Ben Siar, who has now been charged with abusing those four bodies. Court papers she that he took jewelry off of some and failed to perform cremations that families had paid for.  

The mother of one of those people tells abc27 she trusted Siar.

Two-year-old Ranasia Knight was the youngest of the four found in the mortuary. Her small body was uncovered and decomposing on a table.

"It's bad enough to have to bury a 2-year-old," said the girl's mother, who did not want to be identified because of threats she's received since her daughter's death.

If Knight's name sounds familiar, that's because abc27 was there last month when Lancaster police told us she had been killed by her mother's boyfriend.

"Her body was the one that I bathed up, I washed, I kissed, I hugged, all the days, and I'm sitting here like 'how could you do that?" she said. "I hugged that body, I made that body. For (Siar) to just sit her on the table leaving her to rot? The feelings I have inside of me... I don't want any mother to go through."

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