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Pa. lawmaker calls for new gun controls

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A Democratic lawmaker from Philadelphia has unveiled legislation that would ban most Pennsylvanians from owning military-style weapons and return the duty to retreat to the state's Castle Doctrine.

The package of bills announced Wednesday by Rep. Ronald G. Waters, D-Philadalphia/Delaware, would also create stiffer penalties for carrying a firearm without a license and require those with permits to carry to purchase firearm liability insurance.

House Bill 517 would prohibit the possession, use and sale of assault weapons, except for law enforcement and active duty and reserve military.

House Bill 518 would amend the state's Castle Doctrine so that the use of deadly force would not be permitted for the protection of lives, safety or property when the gun owner is able to retreat or has been instructed not to pursue by police or public safety officials.

House Bill 519 would make it illegal to sell, transfer or deliver a firearm to someone other than a licensed firearm dealer unless the person purchases or is provided with a safety lock for the gun.

House Bill 520 would impose a mandatory two-year prison sentence for a person convicted of carrying a firearm without a license, while House Bill 521 would require Pennsylvanians to obtain firearm liability insurance if they possess a license to carry a gun.

House Bill 522 would require neighborhood watch groups to register with the state attorney general's office and attend public safety training provided by state police. Groups would be granted immunity from civil liability if they are registered with the state.

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