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Homeland Security raids York store

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -
Homeland Security agents raided a York business Thursday, seizing hundreds of boxes of merchandise they called "counterfeit."


The raid happened at Bust-A-Left Apparel on East Market Street. The store owner has been charged with selling counterfeit items including sneakers, purses and jerseys.


Steve Heffner, the owner of B&E Electric Train Junction, which is located directly next door to Bust-A-Left, said he was relieved to see the agents at the business.

"I didn't really see it coming because it's been going on so long that we just thought it would continue going under the...radar," he said.

Heffner and other onlookers watched as agents carried the boxes out of the business.

"Legitimate businessmen who pay their taxes and had employees..they can't compete with this kind of stuff," added Heffner.

The merchandise was placed into a truck which will be taken to a holding area. That's where agents will sort through the goods and compile evidence, investigators said.

Police said that this is no isolated seizure, but another link in an tangled chain of midstate counterfeit crime.

Investigators said this counterfeit crime is rooted overseas in Asia, where the sneakers and apparel are made and imported illegally.


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