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AG Kane closes conceal carry permit loophole

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Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced today that she has closed the so-called Florida Loophole, which previously allowed residents who were denied a conceal carry permit in Pennsylvania to get one in Florida.

Kane made the announcement this morning in Philadelphia. She said the original reciprocity agreement with Florida allowed non-residents to be given permits. The change now requires holders of Florida conceal carry permits to be residents of that state.

"Our state's gun traffic and permits should never be bypassed," said Kane. "Closing this loophole shows that it is possible to swiftly implement common sense gun safety measures that protect our streets. This is my administration's first official step, but it certainly will not be our last."

About 4,000 Pennsylvanians currently have Florida permits. Those residents now have 120 days to trade in their out-of-state permit for one issued by Pennsylvania. Their Florida permits will be honored will be honored without the need for a permit granted by a Pennsylvania authority.

Kane was able to make the change by modifying a current firearm reciprocity agreement with Florida. During her campaign for attorney genera, she told the Harrisburg Patriot-News in October that she favored closing the loophole.

Pennsylvania currently recognizes valid firearm licenses or permits from 18 other states. In turn, these state recognize valid Pennsylvania licenses.

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