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Lawmaker wants to legalize marijuana use in Pennsylvania

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Senator Daylin Leach plans to introduce legislation to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana use in Pennsylvania. 

Leach said people are punished severely for smoking a natural plant.  Leach said the state spends nearly $350 million per year investigating, prosecuting and incarcerating people on marijuana related charges.

Leach's plan is calling for marijuana to be sold at a locations similar to a state store, where identification is checked.  Leach said people would be allowed to grow a limited amount of marijuana, but could not sell it.  Leach also said marijuana users would not be allowed to smoke it in public.

Leach, a Democrat who represents Montgomery and Delaware Counties, said it's time for Pennsylvania to be a leader and remove prohibition and bring an end to a destructive law that has been costly and anti-scientific.

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