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Gas prices continue to rise

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Gas price hikes are something drivers brace for over the summer, but in mid-February it can be downright confusing.

"They don't know why it's going up. It just keeps going up and nobody knows why," said Bob Johnson at the Rutters store in East York.

National gas prices averaged out at $3.31 last month. They are now at $3.73 for a gallon of regular, a 42-cent difference in just 30 days.

Randall Lint and his wife have resorted to using an envelope system for their fuel buying.

"We use cash rather than credit cards at the pump," Lint said.

He says it helps them avoid thoughtless swiping and keeps their budget in check.

"We are looking into getting another car so that will play into the fuel," he said.

abc27 News was able to find one station boasting $3.55 fuel: the Rutters along Route 462 in Hellam Township.

At most other places in the midstate, prices now teeter just above the national average. So what gives? The answer is that there is no definitive answer.

AAA said crude oil prices are coming in a bit higher. There may also be some issues locally with fuel transportation and buying, and refineries are in the process of switching to their summer blends.

While it may be painful now, AAA said gas prices are scheduled to peak in late April lower than where they were a year ago.

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