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Chambersburg turning waste into power

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They say one man's trash is another's treasure. In Chambersburg, it seems the community's trash is becoming it's own treasure of sorts, as it's being turned into electric power.

From your curb to the trash truck, we all know where our unwanted waste ends up. However, in Chambersburg, the landfill isn't the end of the road for trash anymore.

The Electric Department superintendent, Ron Pezon, said a new initiative launched in January, in which trash is being transformed into local energy, is good for the environment and for family's wallets.

"Chambersburg is leading the pack in Pennsylvania and the nation," said Pezon. There are no other municipalities in Pennsylvania with generation, and this is even more unique that it's renewable generation."

The "green" initiative fittingly starts at the Blue Ridge Landfill in Greene Township, where trash decomposing in the ground naturally turns into methane gas. That gas is collected into a well system, which has a blower that puts the gas into engines in a methane generator where the gas is turned into electric power.

A new four-mile line put in by the borough brings the power from the landfill to a substation located off Walker Road. From there, it goes directly to homes and businesses in the borough.

According to Pezon, the methane generator creates about 15 percent of the energy used by the borough, meaning residents will see about a 15 percent decrease in their monthly bills.

The generator is owned by PPL and is part of a partnership with the borough. To learn more about the generator, visit www.pplrenewableenergy.com.

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