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Threat prompts police presence at UDA schools

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State police had a presence at both campuses in the Upper Dauphin Area School District on Tuesday due to a perceived threat made by a student.

Trooper Robert Hicks said police had a constant presence at the high school and other district buildings during the morning hours and a sporadic presence during the afternoon.

Hicks said the high school was on lock down status, while district superintendent Evan Williams said the high school was not on lock down.

Williams said 31 percent of students were absent from the high school today. District-wide 20 percent of students did not come to school. Williams said these absences will be considered illegal.

"In the school code, there's nothing that says you'll be excused if there is a possible threat," he said.

Hicks said the incident stemmed from an incident that occurred Friday at lunch, where a student who had been bullied confronted another student whom he thought was talking about him and attempted to start a fight.

Hicks said the bullied student threatened to "clap" the other student. "Clap" is a slang term that sometimes means to shoot someone.

No fight occurred because teachers got involved in the incident, and there was never a threat to harm other students at the school, police said.

However, other students over the weekend began circulating rumors on Facebook. Police and school officials said they took necessary precautions get to the bottom of the incident.

The student who made the perceived threat was expelled and the school district requested a police presence for the day.

Automated telephone calls from the district in the morning informed parents that police had investigated a report of an alleged incident and determined the claims to be unfounded.

The automated calls stated that, barring unforeseen circumstances, parents should expect to see police around school buildings throughout the day.

The investigation into the perceived threat is ongoing. Hicks said the students involved are juveniles and police are consulting the Dauphin County District Attorney's Office to determine whether charges will be filed.

Williams said parents would be notified through automated phone calls if there is resolution to the investigation.

He said officials have no reason to believe that anyone is in danger.


In quoting the superintendent in an earlier version of this story, a sentence read, "He said officials have reason to believe that anyone is in danger." That was an error on our part. The sentence should have read, "He said officials have no reason to believe that anyone is in danger."

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