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Some people may be immune to 'sequester' fears

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It's the latest crisis involving America; the so-called sequester.

It's nothing new for midstaters who've faced a number of crises over the years.  In fact, many seem immune to the threat.

Those who are in the their 40's or older will no doubt remember the partial meltdown of the unit two reactor at Three Mile Island back in 1979. A full meltdown would have been disastrous. Fortunately, that did not happen.

Then there was the Y2K scare all over the world.

There was the fear that when the clock struck midnight in 2000, most computers would get confused and think it was 1900 and everything would shut down. Somehow, we made it through okay.

And yes, the government  has frequently used threats in times of budget negotiations. How many times over the years have we heard about the possibility of a government shutdown that is averted at the last minute?

The fiscal cliff at the end of last year threatened to hit Americans with crippling tax increases. But once again, a deal was reached three hours before the midnight deadline on New Year's

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