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Harrisburg councilwoman is talking trash

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A small crowd gathered on the bleachers at Camp Curtin YMCA to hear city officials talk trash.

Councilwoman and Public Works chairwoman Sandra Reid laid out a plan that she thinks would help curb the city-wide conundrum.

First, she said she is hoping to hand out stockpiled and unused recycling containers to residents who don't have them.

Reid has a funding plan in play that includes creating a "I believe we can keep Harrisburg clean fund." Proceeds would help clean the city up. One could donate simply by cutting the city a check.

She also said the issue is on the state-appointed receiver's radar. She is hoping Harrisburg will receive some state funding down the line to help.

A lot of the weight falls on residents and visitors, according to Reid. She wants everyone to get involved to help clean up alleys and streets, like the one near the intersection of Market and 17th streets. The alley is lined with piled-up trash, mostly from illegal dumping, Reid said. And, she said, public works just cant keep up.

Reid said the problem surpasses aesthetics.

"Trash equals crime," Reid said. "If I don't get the trash off the street, economic development is going to be at the same standstill that it's at or maybe go backwards."

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